Please Note that all images on this site are the property of Thomas W. Giles and you are limited use of these images is for your personal enjoyment and you are not permitted to copy, scan, or make any copies in any way of any of our images. Please read below for a more complete explaination of the copyright laws. Violators are subject to prosecution and possible fines in excess of $100,000 per violation.
Information about Copyright Laws

In 1976 the Federal Government passed a law making it illegal to copy materials
protected by a copyright. These materials include items such as sheet music, books
and photographs.

The portraits you have entrusted us to create for you are made by the finest craftsmen in
the industry. The very high level of quality found in each portrait cannot be duplicated
or copied without suffering a severe reduction in sharpness, color and clarity.

Since such a loss of image quality would reflect poorly on the reputation of our work,
Thomas W. Giles & have reserved the copyright on each
photograph we create. It is illegal to have copies made directly from the photographs,
including, but not limited to:
photographic copies, prints from copy machines, scanning into your computer,
placing on a website, making invitations, having a bakery use a frosting image on a
cake, etc.. In some cases we will give written permission to copy, but very rarely.
Call us if you have an questions. We do retain all images on file, for minimum of ten
years. Additional portraits can be made to our exact specifications for you at any time.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping us maintain
the very highest levels of quality and integrity you have come to expect from our

Please be aware that there are very substantial penalties for making illegal copies
that can exceed $100,000 per occurrence.

Addtional information on copyright

Most people do not understand copyright. The following information is provided
as a service to our customers:

The copyright law protects the work of authors, artists, and other creative talents. The
vast majority of these people are self-employed. In order to protect their income, the
law provides harsh penalties for illegal copying (known as infringement of copyright).
The penalties can run from $10,000 to $100,000 or more per illegal copy!

The instant a professional photographer makes a photograph, it is copyrighted. The
law provides that the author of the work (in this case, the photographer) is the
copyright owner, and s/he owns all rights to the use of that image, even if they were
paid to create the image.

If you have further questions about copyright, please email us at: